What’s new?

Thanks for checking out my website.

This week I’ve added some brand new categories, so if any of the following pique your interest, please do have a browse through my collections;

First up is the new “Vista” category. I’m deliberately avoiding calling it “landscape” because a lot of my landscape shots just turn out like holiday snapshots. So, to avoid being the laughing stock of the throngs of amazing landscape photographers out there and to preserve my dignity more than anything, I just want to share some of the views that I particularly loved experiencing while travelling about.

Another new category is “Abstract“, which speaks for itself really. It’s basically just me experimenting with unusual angles and geometry – or so I like to think, anyway.

The third and final category is “Motley“, which is just a mixed bag of shots that don’t quite belong to any other category. Motley is probably where I’ll be experimenting a lot, too.

You might be wondering why I have so many categories, if it’s just that I haven’t found my style yet. In a way, I guess you’re right in thinking that, but I love my camera and I really enjoy taking photos of whatever I find interesting. I obviously find a lot of things interesting…

Catch you guys again soon!


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